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*Regulations 2019; The Geography Olympiad of Central, South And South Eastern Europe*


The Geography Olympiad of Central, South and South Eastern Europe:

  • originates from the Balkan Geography Olympiad, which was first organized in 2015
  • extends the continuity of the Balkan Geography Olympiad

The aims of the Olympiad are to:

  1. A.  allow young people from different countries to make social contacts and thus contribute to the understanding among nations                                                  B. stimulate active interest in geographical and environmental studies among young people;                                                                                                                C.  help in highlighting the importance of geography as a science among young people,                                                                                                                             D. serve students as guidelines for participation at higher levels of competition in geography.

Article 1.

The Geography Olympiad of Central, South and South Eastern Europe is essentially an individual competition for the students from  12 to 19 years of age, where their geographical knowledge and skills are tested. The Olympiad is a contest of students of two age groups:

  • Younger juniors – 12 to 15 years of age, and
  • Juniors – 16 to 19 years of age.


Article 2.

The official language of theGeography Olympiad of Central, South and South Eastern Europe is English.Students must be able to answer test questions in the official language (English);


Article 3.

The Geography Olympiad of Central, South and South Eastern Europeconsists of a competition, social activities and excursions.

Article 4.

Each participating country sends a team of  maximum eight  students for each age category group.

Article 5.

In addition to the students, two adult team leaders are invited.

  1. They must be involved in geography teaching their country.
  2. Each of them must be able to speak and writethe official language of the Olympiad(English).

Article 6.

The  Olympiadtests

A). The tests of the Olympiad are as follows:

  • written test
  • multimedia test and
  • fieldwork exercise.

B). The marks assigned for the Olympiad are:

  • written test (40% of total marks),
  • multimedia test (20%) and
  • fieldwork exercise (40%).

The three test elements are preferably organized on different days, which may be any day of the week. The examples of previous test questions can be found on the Olympiad’s website. 

Article 7.

A). The Written Response Test: 

Selected topics/themes for competition in the Written Response Test of the Geography Olympiad of Central, South and South Eastern Europe 2019 are the following :


The written response test is compiled specifically for both age categories in accordance with the students’ abilities.

B). The Multi Media Test consists of: 

  • the test will cover all 12 topics from the Ruls list

TheMulti Media Testis compiled specifically for both age categories in accordance with the students’abilities.

C). The Fieldwork Exercise consists of:

  1. Observation and mapping.
  2. Analysis of spatial issue in fieldwork area including additional data gathering.
  3. Problem-solving exercise leading to a proposal including a spatial plan or map.


The Fieldwork Exerciseis compiled specifically for both age categories in accordance with the students’ abilities.

Article 8.

All students and team leaders receive a certificateof participation.

Approximately 60% of the participating students receive a diplomas and medals.

Medals are awarded in the approximate ratio of gold 1, silver 2, and bronze 3.

Article 9.

  • Registration fees for the competition is one of the main sources of financing the organization of the competition. Registration fee for the 2019 competition is 190 euros per person. Тhe amount of the fee covers the costs of accommodation, food, transfers, excursions and cultural events.
  • The local organiser covers all other expenses incurred in holding the Geographical olympiad.

Article 10.

Poster presentation :

Students from each participating country, in both categories, prepare a poster on the theme:


The format of the poster is A0, vertical printing.

The special jury evaluates the poster presentation and the best ones receive awards.


Article 11.

Cultural evening

Students of each participating country,both categories together, have 5 to 10 minutes to display at a cultural evening in the form of presentations, sketches or in any other way the cultural, geographical, tourist, traditional and all other landmarks of their country.


Article 12.


Local Organization Committee 2019

1.. Prof. Dr DEJAN FILIPOVĆ – Dean of the Faculty of Geography

2.. Mr NIKOLA SRZENTIĆ – Director of the Center for Talents

  1. Prof. Dr ALEKSANDA PETROVIĆ – Faculty of Geography
  2. Prof. Dr SLAVOLJUB DRAGIĆEVIĆ – Faculty of Geography
  3. Tijana LEZAJIĆ – PhD  student Faculty of Geography
  4. Prof. SVETLANA RADOVIĆ – the International Educational system “Ruđer Bošković”
  5. MILICA LUKIĆ – PhD student Faculty of Geography
  6. ALEKSANDAR KOVJANIĆ – PhD student  Faculty of Geography
  7. VEDRAN ŽIVANOVIĆ – PhD student Faculty of Geography
  8. VOJISLAV DEĐANSKI – PhD student Faculty of Geography
  9. Miss TAMARA GOJIĆ –Director’s assistant, theCenter for Talents


Local Organization Committee

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