EGEO 2024

The jubilee 10th European Geography Olympiad will be held in Serbia, in the mountain tourist center KOPAONIK, from June 28 to July 4.

Geography and climate of Kopaonik

Kopaonik or the roof of Serbia is the largest mountain massif in the country, with the highest point – Pančićev vrh (2017 meters). It is located in southwestern Serbia, in the Raska district, between the Ibar and Sitnica in the west and Lab in the southeast. It occupies 11,810 hectares in the municipalities of Raska and Brus,. The feature of the Kopaonik mountain is a very dynamic relief, and due to the preserved units and autochthonous forest systems, it has been declared a National Park. It is known for its dominant coniferous and fir forests and pastures, where there is a diverse flora and fauna. Among them are endemic: cuvarkuca, Pančić’s brook trout and Kopaonik violet, as well as: gray falcon, golden eagle, wild cat, owl buljina.

Tradition and culture of Kopaonik

Kopaonik defines and makes recognizable the 3 most important features:

  • Tourism – especially the development of winter tourist offer. Kopaonik has been the largest ski center in Serbia for many years. The mountain has developed a large number of trails, a cable car, ski schools, but also the opportunity to enjoy other activities on the snow.
  • National Park – The richness of flora and fauna, the preservation of natural forest complexes and indigenous species. This influenced the mountain to be declared a National Park and a protected natural asset of special importance. This wealth was discovered thanks to Josip Pančić, and the connection of Kopaonik with our greatest botanist is the third feature of the mountain.
  • Josif Pančić – doctor who found his love for botany on Kopaonik, he found it on Kopaonik. During his 16 visits to Kopaonik, he discovered numerous species of plants. Pančić dedicated the book Kopaonik and its foothills to the mountain, in which he gave the most beautiful description of its nature. He told his students:

Welcome to Kopaonik – a tourist destination that provides the best vacations. Here you will find everything you need to organize your stay on the mountain. Kopaonik has a lot to offer, so you need a reliable guide through its offer.   Prepare to travel in the best way and provide yourself and your companions with the perfect mountain experience.                                                                                             Summer activities – during the summer days, a variety of activities are available to you, which will satisfy a variety of wishes and requirements: jogging, orienteering, paragliding, walking tours, hiking and mountaineering, mountain bike tours, adrenaline activities: tubing, zip line, beach volleyball, tennis, football, Ibar Rafting. Wellness and spa centers are in charge of complete rest during the summer – complexes that contain: indoor pools, salt-ice caves, saunas, jacuzzi tubs, bathrooms, massages.

Important phone numbers and information

Here are the most important phones you may need during your stay on Kopaonik:
Services and institutions:

  • Area code for Kopaonik – 036
  • Health Center – 5471-094
  • Pharmacy – 5471-349
  • Police – 5471-092
  • Fire Service – 5471-977 ext.1600
  • Mountain Rescue Service – 063 / 466-466