Iași also referred to as Jassy or Iassy is the second-largest city in Romania, after the national capital Bucharest, and the seat of Iași County. Located in the historical region of Moldavia, Iași has traditionally been one of the leading centres of Romanian social, cultural, academic and artistic life. The city was the capital of the Principality of Moldavia from 1564 to 1859, then of the United Principalities from 1859 to 1862, and the capital of Romania from 1916 to 1918.

Known as The Cultural Capital of Romania, Iași is a symbol in Romanian history. 

Seven reasons you must come to Iași: 

  • old (1400a.d.) mid-size (400.000 inhabitants) University & it center
  • city of art galleries, street music, theatre & Opera
  •  young, active and vibrant night life
  •  mixture of architectures from Byzantine to Neogothic, from Neoclassic to Modernism 
  •  City of Seven Hills – great bike riding & adventure parks around the city
  •  the great far-east city, at the border with the ex-Soviet union
  •  former capital city of Moldavia

7 things to do once you arrive to Iași !

  1. Explore great museums: Palace of Culture, Union & University Museum
  2. Enjoy an  monumental opera play at National Theater – Top 7 in the World according to BBC
  3. Bike or trek around the seven hills of Iași
  4. Try our local home made chocolate, „covrigi” and white wine 
  5. Walk on the footsteps of greatest Romanian writers and poets who lived in Iași
  6. Taste Moldavian „ciorba”, „sarmale”, „tochitura” & „papanași”
  7. Dance traditional dances or simply party in our great pubs!









                         The Alexandru Ioan Cuza University





The Alexandru Ioan Cuza University  by night

  The  Palace of  Culture





The Palace of Culture by night



The  Vasile Alecsandri National Theater

              the Hall of Lost Steps

The MihaiEminescu Central University Library of Iași